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January 2011

Cutting-edge New Yorker Lee Camp has been making audiences gasp with laughter for twelve years. He’s published two comedy books, has been featured on radio, TV and in short films, is the head Comedy News writer for ComedyExpressTV.com… and he’d accomplised all that by age twenty-five! 

George Carlin‘s daughter Kelly on Lee:

“Since my dad died, I’ve been concerned about who’s going to keep the torch alive, who’s going to keep it lit. And I saw Lee, and I was completely blown away by the balls he has, and I thought ‘Hey, that’s like my dad.’ Three things about Lee really remind me of my father. One of which is that he’s a thinking person’s comic. Secondly, he may just piss you off a little. But the most important thing is that he’s really fucking funny.”

By the age of twenty-two he had already been the opening act for A-list headliners including Jimmy Fallon, Darrell Hammond, and Tracy Morgan.

He was recently on Showtime‘s series The Green Room with Paul Provenza and is featured in the new bestselling book iSatiristas! with the likes of George Carlin, Billy Connolly, Conan O’Brien, and Robin Williams.

He was chosen as one of the Best New Faces at the Montreal Comedy Festival; he ran for president on Comedy Central‘s Fresh Debate ’08; and he’s done comedic commentary on PBS, E! Network, SpikeTV, MTV, and Good Morning America

Lee is also a regular contributor to The Onion newspaper, the Huffington Post, and has performed stand-up at events featuring Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore.


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